In Microvolts, four toy figures – Naomi, Knox, Pandora and C.H.I.P.- carry special instructions to activate others of their kind. But with limited battery resources, they are forced to fight for power. Now toys around the world are engaged in an all-out secret war for supremacy of the Micro World.

System Requirements :

OS: Windows  XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
RAM:  512 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5600, ATI 9600 PRO

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Brawl Busters

Brawl Busters, “formerly known as Project Plan B”, is an action brawler that features competitive and co-operative battle modes all in a third person view. “With its simple and intuitive controls, this easy to pick up and play game makes team strategy a must as player’s battle against each other or team up against computer controlled enemies”. Brawl Busters also features a tutorial, various missions, leaderboards and stats tracking.

Brawl Busters features five different character classes, called Busters, including the Firefighter, the Rocker, the Boxer, the Blitzer, and the Slugger. The game offers seven maps and a wide variety of character customization options.

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